Gas Fireplace sound System

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What is FireSong?

FireSong is a fireplace sound effects system that installs inside your gas fireplace to add a wonderful crackling sound that makes your fireplace feel like a real fire.

Is FireSong Easy to Install?

Yes. The photos to the right show just how easy it is. It takes only a few minutes for a FireSong to be added to your new or existing gas fireplace

What can FireSong do for Me?

Can you remember, before we had gas fireplaces, the feeling of curling up by the fire with your family or loved ones and being drawn in by the magic of the crackling and dancing flames? Or, maybe you know the feeling of being lost in your thoughts and mesmerized by a campfire as night fell.

I remember those feelings well. The fire created an enchanting feeling, didn’t it?

That wonderful feeling is completely missing in modern gas fireplaces. Though they’re beautiful and convenient, today’s silent gas fireplaces simply don’t stir the same feelings within us like a real fire does, do they? I miss that feeling. Don’t you?

FireSong transforms your fireplace so that it awakens that same enchanting feeling in you when you sit by it. Your fireplace becomes that very special gathering place again, with all the feelings of comfort and security and home. And that feels good.

How does FireSong work?

FireSong’s hi-fi stereo speakers mount out of sight inside your gas fireplace and create the rich and full sound of a fire whenever you turn on the flames. You set the volume and intensity of the crackling sound to match the flame activity and room acoustics.